If you’re considering becoming an escort in London there are some things to consider to make your first steps as easy as possible. Make sure you have a classic outfit, be comfortable with sex and be flexible with timings. You should also be wearing good protection.

Invest in a classic wardrobe

You’ll need to invest in classic clothing pieces, such as dark-colored business suits, when you are an escort. You can also invest in the black pumps to make you look more professional. These are classic and look great with nearly any outfit.

An investment in a classic wardrobe is essential to an escort’s success in London. You should invest only in top quality clothes and stay clear of body art. You will have to cover up piercings as well as tattoo designs. A classic outfit will give you a solid base for your career.

Sexy and comfortable

If you’re comfortable with sex and don’t mind public display of affection, you can become an escort in London. It’s an extremely satisfying job and the majority of escorts are very happy in their work. It is important to be aware that London is a very conservative city and you might prefer to stay away from areas that prohibit sex or are frowned upon.

Flexible escort timings

Flexible escort timings are beneficial for part-time escorts and full-time escorts too. It allows you to select your own hours and work weekends, evenings, and even days. This flexibility allows you to earn more income, and also have more control over your schedule.

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They provide security to VIPs, dignitaries, as well as high-value loads. The Special Escort Group (SEG) is composed of motorcycle riders armed, who guard motorcades containing members of the Royal Family. They can also employ identified vehicles with policemen who are armed.