High-end, high-end ladies aren’t always as cheap as you might think. They can cost as little as EUR300 or as high as EUR350. They are more professional and have better photos. The most prestigious escorts come from Eastern Europe or the Netherlands.

The most prestigious escorts are regarded as highly skilled individuals who have spent years learning the art of escorting. They are usually admirated by royals and monarchs. They are discreet and well-dressed. They can meet the requirements of any client without being overly obvious.

Call girls of the highest class are a common sight in the media, and they’re not just restricted to Hollywood stars. A number of episodes of Life, for example included high-end call girls. Lady Heather is a regular character who manages an S&M club S&M which employs a variety of high-end female escorts.

Escorts with college degrees are typically premium. Some are classically trained and proficient in French. They can charge as high as $5K per hour. They’re also smart and beautiful. They are also kind. Of course, there’s a big difference in prices between a top hooker and a prostitute with a lower price.

High-class escorts have higher salaries and more freedom than their low-class counterparts. They are healthier both mentally and physically. Many are intelligent and confident. They aren’t always free from problems like alcohol abuse, financial troubles and post-traumatic stress due to early abuse.

High-class escorts can be found on Craigslist, Backpage, and Erotic Review. Birmingham escorts and Craigslist are the most sought-after places to advertise. It’s worth noting that many high-class escorts have withdrawn form TER and have adopted the “no reviews” policy.

The myth of the upper-class hooker is one of the biggest obstacles to social mobility in the prostitution industry. One woman I met was a blonde from a wealthy region in south Dublin in her early twenty-somethings. She was also a long-term cocaine addict, and was afflicted by sexual abuse in her childhood.